New online course from ESD: Centrifugal Compressor Training

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted Enbridge's request to startup the station on October 1st.

Nigeria LNG selected Siemens Energy to provide a cryogenic boil-off gas compression train for its Bonny Island plant.

Though Enbridge insists the station is ready for operations, Senators Markey and Warren still urge a further investigation

Vericor Power Systems announced that they recently signed a strategic alliance with Atlas Copco to power integrally geared centrifugal compressors and Companders with Vericor gas-driven turbines.

Siemens Energy to supply 20 compressor trains for a critical gas project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project will enable the operator to manage its surplus gas volumes efficiently to meet seasonal demands.

Gas Compressor Association to host live webinar series over the coming months.

Atlas Copco has acquired Ovity Air Comprimé. The company is specialized in distribution of industrial air compressors and solutions for compressed air.

Siemens was awarded a contract to supply gas turbine generators, mechanical-drive gas turbines and centrifugal compressors for PETRONAS.
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