Atlas Copco and Vericor to form strategic alliance

Tuesday September 15th 2020

Alpharetta, GA, August 20, 2020 –(– Vericor Power Systems (“Vericor”) announced that they recently signed a strategic alliance with Atlas Copco Gas and Process (Atlas Copco) to power integrally geared centrifugal compressors and Companders™ with Vericor gas-driven turbines.

The combination of these efficient, reliable and well proven technologies enable customers around the world to benefit from a compact and cost effective solution.

Designed to handle the most demanding process requirements in remote areas, the Vericor gas turbine powered GT-series compressor from Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers lower CAPEX costs, shorter installation times during commissioning, and lower OPEX costs throughout the machine’s lifecycle. Featuring integrally geared technology, it’s designed to operate in extended service intervals with minimal manpower requirements, while providing lower energy costs than conventional compressor technology.

Vericor, a leader in gas turbine technology with presence in military marine, industrial and oil & gas sectors, produces gas turbines designed to operate reliably where few others could survive. The compact 5,000 HP ASE50B turbine provides continuous power to the Atlas Copco GT series integrally geared centrifugal compressor, minimizing maintenance downtime and optimizing cost efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness.

Vericor gas turbines are extremely compact and reliable, and require low maintenance over their extended operating life. The modular construction of these gas turbines makes scheduled maintenance activities fast and easy and their cold end drive design and fuel flexibility make them ideal for compression applications.

Richard Clinton, Vericor’s CEO, and Umberto Marseglia, Vericor’s CMO thanks Atlas Copco Gas and Process and our customers for the trust in Vericor Power Systems.

About Vericor:
Vericor is a leading OEM that manufactures, sells and supports aero-derivative gas turbines for marine propulsion, mechanical drive and power generation applications including high speed military and civilian ships, industrial pumping, compressor or electric generation applications and oil field applications.

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