Torsional Challenges with a Wide Range of Compressor Performance

Wood has created a calculator to help control pipe pulsation in reciprocating gas compressor systems by finding what pipe lengths to avoid. The tool will aid those who are attempting to control pulsation without resorting to additional controls.

This technical paper outlines the general design practices for driven and helical pile foundations for reciprocating compressors. Case studies for reciprocating compressor packages are presented to demonstrate the use of pile foundations and the need for a dynamic foundation analysis.

How wireless, cloud, and big-data techniques are revolutionizing future industrial reciprocating engine & compressor machinery failure detection/prediction techniques

This paper describes improved shock monitoring methodologies suited for effective vibration monitoring of Reciprocating Machines and fault diagnosis.

Although overall vibration trending is an excellent tool for monitoring the health of rotating machinery, it is not generally effective for monitoring reciprocating machinery.

IMI Sensors designed the Reciprocating Machinery Protector (Model 649A01) to simplify the process of monitoring and protecting reciprocating compressors.

Overview of a case study where magnet-mounting techniques for accelerometers allowed an industrial manufacturing giant to institute a company-wide vibration data acquisition and analysis system that monitors machinery health at several hundred facilities worldwide
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