Torsional Challenges with a Wide Range of Compressor Performance

Tuesday August 11th 2020

More and more is expected of our compressor packages. Wide speed ranges, large variations in pressures and flow, varying gas compositions and multiple unloading schemes all present challenges to a proper torsional design of a system where the operating envelope is stretched to encompass numerous operating scenarios.

This paper presents methods to meet some of these challenges and reasons to establish boundaries for the design of reciprocating gas packages.

Using the “GMRC Recommended Practice for Control of Torsional Vibrations in Direct-Driven Separable Reciprocating Compressors,” the paper discusses how to thoroughly define the expected operating envelope to achieve the widest possible operating range.

The limits of typical design options, as well as various alternatives to avoid torsional vibration problems, are illustrated with three case studies.

Read the technical paper here:

Torsional challenges – GMC 2019

This paper was written by Alasdair Robinson, BSc, PEng, of Wood for the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference 2019.

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