Burckhardt provides compressors for LNG carrier

Wednesday April 24th 2019

Burckhardt Compression is outfitting a 30,000 m3 LNG carrier operated by Knutsen OAS
Shipping AS with Laby® compressors. The Laby® compressors will be delivered to Hyundai
Mipo Dockyard as part of the fuel gas supply system built by Wärtsilä Oil & Gas Solutions
and will supply the LNG carrier’s WinGD X-DF 2-stroke, dual-fuel engine with LNG boil-off
gas as fuel.
The X-DF engine, a two-stroke engine from Winterthur Gas & Diesel, allows both natural gas and
marine diesel to be used as fuel for ship propulsion systems. Ship operators can switch between
the two fuel types, maritime diesel and the boil-off gas that inevitably evaporates from LNG storage
tanks, during operation.

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