Enbridge given go-ahead at Weymouth compressor station

Monday September 28th 2020

After controversy surrounding the construction and startup of Enbridge’s Weymouth compressor station, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted Enbridge’s request to startup the station on October 1st.

Enbridge put in their request on September 16th, five days after a gasket failure that caused large vent of gas and an emergency shutdown. The failure caused a stir in the community, as the compressor station has been a point of contention between some members of the community and Enbridge. Although Enbridge has repeatedly assured the safety of the station, many locals and environments still hold concerns over the operation of the facility.

With the station being authorized for service, it will soon help transport natural gas as a part of Enbridge’s Atlantic Bridge pipeline. The pipeline currently carries gas from New Jersey to Massachusetts and has been in service since the fall of 2019. The compressor station will allow Maine and Atlantic Canada to receive natural gas as well.

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