Mechanical Solutions, Inc. unveils VibVue™

Friday February 21st 2020

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI), a leading provider of solutions for complex or urgent vibration, dynamics, or performance related problems in critical rotating machinery and systems, today announced VibVue™, a tool to help engineers and technicians identify and solve critical vibration issues. VibVue™ obtains vibration measurements and associated analysis using a high-speed camera and novel software solution for faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics problems.

Streamlined Software Delivers Measurements You Need, Without the Wait
Until now, reliability and maintenance engineers have struggled with cumbersome, less-sensitive, commercially available tools that help visualize machinery vibration. There are shortcomings in the underlying video processing technology, which produces the vibration measurements. As a result, engineers ultimately settle on missed measurements due to limited frequency span or low displacement amplitude, and spend significant time working through data to get an analysis result.

Now, with VibVue™ technology, engineers and technicians can maximize a commercially available video processing tool to get accurate vibration measurements at low displacement levels and high frequencies, and intuitively analyze the resulting data to quickly identify and solve vibration issues.

VibVue™ combines Motion Magnification technology – a proven solution licensed from a major university – with streamlined, intuitive software to help engineers precisely and easily acquire and analyze the data needed to quickly pinpoint root causes of vibration problems. Using VibVue™ will result in lower maintenance costs, reduced problem resolution time, and decreased machine or plant downtime.

“The VibVue system is the best tool we have to get funds approved to fix the right thing at the right time,” said Gary Adams, Director of Reliability Solutions at John H. Carter. “With VibVue, management gets a clear, precise, visual understanding of vibration issues in a system.”

Complete Solutions for Vibration and System Dynamics Problems
MSI designed VibVue™ for accuracy and simplicity, with extremely low levels of displacement detection, greater frequency range, and faster analysis time. The solution magnifies motion up to 1,000x – twenty times more powerful than advertised by other commercially available solutions.

VibVue™ system support includes a review of customer videos by MSI’s own rotating machinery troubleshooting professionals. If identified problems require more time or expertise than customers have access to, MSI can deploy teams with deep experience solving vibration or system dynamics problems to diagnose the issue and propose effective fix options.

VibVue™ Features and Benefits

  • Proven solution: Features Motion Magnification technology licensed from a major university
  • High-speed camera technology and a sophisticated software application: Easily see, measure, and analyze vibrations
  • Frequency range greater than 600 Hz: Detect low displacement levels even at high frequencies
  • Support: Receive training, software support, consulting, or hands-on troubleshooting for help identifying and solving vibration issues

Overall, users find that VibVue™ is faster, easier to implement, and more versatile than traditional methods, allowing problems to be diagnosed more easily, and with more certainty. For more information, visit

About Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
MSI provides rapid response and resolution of difficult or urgent vibration, dynamics, or performance problems for plant operators, designers, and maintainers of critical rotating machinery and systems (including centrifugal or reciprocating pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, and blowers). Whether it’s pre-installation problem prevention, post-installation remedies, or lowering maintenance costs, MSI delivers clear, cost-effective solutions by combining computer simulation and field testing, backed by decades of machinery and system experience.

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