New online course from ESD: Centrifugal Compressor Training

Thursday November 19th 2020

ESD Simulation Training and ExplainMedia have created a brand new online course, Centrifugal Compressor Training. This course is an affordable way to access ESD’s centrifugal compressor¬† video at the low price of USD $149. The course undertakes an in-depth analysis on centrifugal compressors, which includes topics from how they are made to how to operate them. The course contains readings, video modules, and quizzes which all help enhance learning when compared to a text-based course.

Centrifugal Compressor Training focuses on four main topics:

  • Basic Principles
  • Centrifugal Compressor Construction
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Control and Operation



Check out the course here for more information and to sign up.

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