Senators urge Enbridge to halt activities at compressor station

Monday September 21st 2020

In a letter to Enbridge’s President and CEO Al Monaco, Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren asked for activities at the Weymouth compressor station to be halted. This follows a failure at the station a weak prior, that caused 265,000 cubic feet of natural gas to be vented at ground level and an emergency shutdown.

The letter urges Enbridge to thoroughly investigate the cause of the failure before opening the station, which it had planned to do on October 1st. The release of the gas was due to testing during preparation for the opening of the station.

The accidental gas leak fueled pre-existing concerns surrounding the compressor station, and has made residents and government wary of the situation. The gas released was equivalent to the average daily natural gas consumption in nearly 1500 homes, which caused concern that this amount of gas could be ignited by a spark from a passing vehicle. With Weymouth being a densely populated region of 3100 people per square mile, any sort of dangers could potentially put many people at risk.

Enbridge insists that the station is ready for operations hopes to have the station running by October 1st.

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